YOUR CREW FOR YOU is working together in close collaboration with both its crew and clients. Whereas your privacy is as important to us as an open communication and a trustworthy relationship.

Much of a first step can be achieved via email, however, we are always looking forward to interviewing you in person where possible so you can introduce yourself to us.

Thus, if you are searching for placement, simply begin with registering on this website. The registration form should be completed and sent back with your CV and references attached.

After your registration it is essential regularly being informed by you regarding your whereabouts, availability and any changes of circumstances so that a fluent process can be guaranteed at all times.

YOUR CREW FOR YOU is recruiting throughout the whole year.

Terms and Conditions

I confirm that to the best of my knowledge the information I will provide in registering with YOUR CREW FOR YOU is accurate and correct. I acknowledge that YOUR CREW FOR YOU retains the right to end all dealings with anyone providing the company with misleading information.

By registering with YOUR CREW FOR YOU, I am agreeing to allow YOUR CREW FOR YOU to forward personal data to Captains, Owners and other interested parties referred to as "Clients".

This type of information is known as "personal sensitive data" in accordance with the data protection act of 1998. By entering information on this site I expressly consent to YOUR CREW FOR YOU holding and processing this information which includes forwarding the information to any prospective employer.

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